CheckFree Investment Services Unveils First Multiple Strategy Portfolio (MSP) To Support Unaffiliated Managers

checkfree investment services

Checkfree investment services


Advantage Fee solution manages the full lifecycle of client fee billing, revenue management and fee verification processes for financial institutions worldwide. Investment management clients, including institutional investors and wealth management clients, can improve time-to-bill, which increases cash flow gains. Other advantages the solution offers are greater compliance through automated rules-based processing, process controls over invoice approvals, reports, revenue analysis and custom invoice messaging. CheckFree APL platform, APL-DLR permits users to streamline and automate reconciliation of position and transaction data with selected custodians. APL-DLR eliminates the manual, time-consuming and oftentimes error-prone outcome of comparing printed reports with hardcopy custodian statements. APL platform and respective custodial databases; match positions and transactions to reconcile with custodian records; review any uncovered variances; edit APL records with a GUI-based point-and-click tool; and transmits corrections back to APL automatically. Each night, CheckFree Investment Services overlays daily pricing feeds on its database, and matches positions, trades, allocation, cash and holdings. The company uses CheckFree APL for trading, portfolio accounting, reporting and billing. Bear Stearns for execution, whereupon it returns to CheckFree APL. Orders there are automatically processed, and sent back to Bear Stearns at the end of the day via a non-FIX interface, for allocation among respective accounts. April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CheckFree Investment Services unveiled today, CheckFree APL Plus, a new graphical user interface (GUI) and client/server extension of the UNIX-based CheckFree APL platform. The report explorer shows holdings, transactions and performance on an "as of" basis. However, CheckFree APL Plus is expected to gain swift momentum among brokers and portfolio managers who want to leverage the robust CheckFree APL platform, but have limited time for training.